About Me

k sari solo

That’s me up there in my full (pink, in case you didn’t notice 😉 ) Sari gear.

I’m a Canadian (of Nepali origin) currently living in India with my husband. I moved out here three years ago and I haven’t run away yet–that has to be a good sign, right? I used to live in Delhi/ NCR with my husband, my brother-in-law, and my cat, Lola (who’s hailed as some sort of devil in my complex simply for being a black cat with yellow eyes). I now live in Hyderabad in my husband’s family home and my poor cat Lola has passed away due to a genetic condition.

Well, anyway, I’ve noticed, like many people my age (which is 30 to be precise), I haven’t grown up. I don’t feel grown up, I don’t act grown up–you get the idea. I think I’m having a mental and physical crisis now that I’ve turned 30, which, by the way, is far earlier than I’d like, and I really want to do something about it.

This (‘this’ being my general personality) means I am either very hyper and productive or catatonic and dysfunctional, there’s absolutely no middle ground. All of this makes for an interesting marriage as my husband is quite the opposite. The man’s highly focused, highly organized, insanely driven, and very, very hard-working. He’s like some sort of robot-alien creature while I’m the rambling hobo on the street. He can compartmentalize his emotions to generate a specific emotion for a specific situation while I will simultaneously laugh, cry, and roll my eyes at some pathetic Hallmark commercial. I just cannot do one thing at a time…too boring!

Be prepared to read my half way psychotic thoughts about everything–complicated life stuff, relationships, India, anxiety, my renewed interest in spirituality, whimsical ideas (that can sometimes veer into paranoid conspiracy theories) clothes, makeup, and last, but not least, cats!



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